Engine/Transmission Removal

I removed the engine and transmission on December 26th. I started removing the hood at 5 PMand had the engine and transmission assembly sitting on the floor at 1 AM. It went relatively well, and almost seemed easier than the times I removed the 4cylinder motor from my Talon. The only problem I had was that I smashed my master cylinder reservoir to the side. Thereservoir may be ok since it is plastic, but it is still pushed to the side a bit. So if you know of anyone who wants a running 3 liter V6 DOHC Mitsubishi motor, shoot me an email.

I’ve added a few pictures of the progress during the removal.

(click image to make bigger)

Garage setup for remvoing the engine and transmission The car Under the hood Hood Removed
Radiator and battery areas removed Radiator area Battery area Still not out
Half way out Half way out, notice the master cylinder reservoir. Half way out Car without motor or transmission
Motor and transmission removed Empty engine bay