Going RWD and chucking the Auto

I’ve recently decided that my car will be more fun to drive, likely cheaper, and easier to cram batteries everywhere if I make the car RWD. I will also use a manual transmission that I am sure will hold the power and mainly the torque that my motor will put out.

I am quite sure I could have made a controller to run the electronics in the auto for shifting, but I was not sure how the transmission would act without any hydraulic pressure when I come to a stop and try to start again. I was planning to remove the torque converter and directly couple the motor to the transmission’s input shaft and pump, but since the pump would also stop whenthe carstopped, who knows what would happen.

Going manual like mostly everyone else does is a way to go that is proven to work. I need to use a transmission that will hold up to roughly 100Hp and 225ft/lbs of torque at low RPMs. I wasn’t sure how the auto would hold up to the high torque at at such a lower rpm, but I am sure that an M20 muncie that I have will work, or possibly a T5 from a Sonoma that I will not need to rebuild. The gear ratio from the Sonoma will be closer to what I am looking for in city and highway driving. The gearratios in the T5are much wider than the wide ratio M20 that I have.