I bought a controller

I decided on what controller I want to use because of its performance characteristics and ability to program. It is the Zilla 1K controller made by CafeElectric. The cost is $2025, and I found that the lead time for it to be built is 4 months. I ordered it now so I would be sure that Iwould have it by the time my senior design class is over. For that whopping$2025, I getthe controller, the hairball (isolationand programming circuit), and the precharger. Theprecharger is used to protect the controller while it is being charged, and so you don’t drive away while it is plugged in. I ordered the part from EVparts.com, they answered quickly and were very pleasant. I will likely purchase more from them since they seem to have the best selection of parts.
Zilla 1k Controller from CafeElectric