Interior Removal

Well I’ve spent a good amount of the last two days removing the interior of the Stealth. I started by removing both doors for easier access. The console and dash were the first parts to be removed, then I followed the main interior wiringharnessand removed everything in the way. I found the bulk of a mouse nest, in the evaporator housing, and also a smaller nest in the drivers side door. I knew I would find a mouse nest because of the smell in the car, I just hope that washing everthing well will get rid of the smell for good!

I got a late start on Thursday because I was so sore from pulling the motor on Wednesday. By the time I cleaned the shop up with floor dry, disassembled the cherry picker (engine lift), and re-arranged things in the garage to make more room, it was 5 PM again. I thought it was about 1 or 2 AM when I went inside, but it was actually 4 AM! I guess I should get a clock out in the garage. I had the dash and a seat out by the time I quit that day. Here’s the pictures of the first day of interior pulling.

(click image to make bigger)

Start of Day 2, Doors already off Passenger side after door is removed Console out and dash is loose Evaporator housing note the mouse nest.
The whole heater assembly is removed The last picture of the day, dash wiring harness is mostly loose

The second day was spent mainly removing the other seat, the rest of the wiring harness, and the rear interior plastics. I started about 3 or 4 PM, and figured I should wear rubber gloves since I would be messing with the nasty carpet, and also because my hands are dry, sore, and all nicked up from the past two days. The gloves actually helped, and instead of getting a knuckle buster on things, I just get a ripped glove. I quit early today at about 9 PM togive myself a break. I just have the headliner left to remove, engine wiring harness, and a lot of vacuuming. Here’s the pictures from the 3rd day.

(click image to make bigger)

Passenger seat removed and drivers side carpet removed Rear drivers side area after plastics were removed Interior wiring harness removed View from the rear hatch
Passenger side rear after the plastics are removed The nasty carpet is out Final picture of the 3rd day