Long Overdue Update

Well it has been quite a while since I have blogged, it has been a busy last month. It seems like not much has happened with the car, but getting the rest of the parts that I need on the way eats up quite a bit of time. I also had been preparing to show my project in the Iowa State Capitol Building for “Showcase in the Capitol.” I was chosen with 19 other University of Northern Iowa students, 20 Iowa State students, and 20 Iowa students to come and display a poster and talk with legislature about our undergrad research. All in all, the day went fine, I figured I would talk to many people for a few minutes a piece, but it ended up being 6 or 7 people for 20 minutes a piece.

As far as the project, and what work I have accomplished since the last blog…. I have the rear mounts completed and the front mounts are also made and welded in. I still need put the anchor nut up in the front mounts so the rear end can hold itself to the chassis. Everything looks like it lines up very nicely and I should have at least a half inch of adjustment in any direction with the rear IRS assembly. I’ll be able to easily weld up the frame so there will be no more adjustment when I have the rear end in the right position.

The motor finally came, I went with the WarP 9 from Netgains/Warfield. The motor looks very nice, and I am excited to get it mounted to the transmission. I also have the vacuum pump on the way, I went with the SSBC electric vacuum pump. I will just need to make or buy a vacuum canister yet. I also ordered a radial potentiometer that looks like and is basically made for a throttle position sensor. The cost was $40; I will just need to build my own box with a pulley for the throttle cable to attach to and put the position sensor on the end of the shaft. I have ordered from Cafeelectric.com my fuses, tach sensor for the motor, and contactor.

I will still need to get odds and ends like the welding cables, and steel for the battery rack. The batteries I can have next day over night and will wait until I need them to order.

I will try to post pictures of the completed rear end mounts and of the new parts I have received. I will try to keep you posted with pictures over spring break next week. I plan to take off most of the days from work so I can get things done on the car and in time for graduation.