Recommended Guidelines and Tax Credit

I have found very useful information about wiring vehicles that use more than 50V DC in them. Since I cannot post copyrighted information, search your local library for a S.A.E Handbook. You can find SAE Recommended Practices written by the Society of Automotive Engineers, these books offer very good information on safe practices and gives you good standards to follow. The article I found is “High Voltage Automotive wiring Assembly Design – SAE J 1673” it was written in July of 1996, and I found it in volume 2 of the 1997 publication. Oddly enough, this was the only year that my library has on hand, and I believe the first year for this to be published. I’m sure I will be referring back to this book from time to time.

Basically this article has given me good guidelines of high voltage wiring practices, how to mark, and shock hazard safeguarding.

Tax Credit
The IRS offers a tax credit called the “Qualified Electric Vehicle Credit”, hopefully they will still offer it when I have the car on the road. The link for vehicles in service before 2007 is found at: