Semi-Completed Rear End

Well here are the pictures for the rear end once all of the mounts are made. I still need to measure the wheelbase to be sure it is in there strait and then I can weld up all of the adjustment holes. I also need to build the bottom mount for the strut too. I will just be using a thick walled hollow tube to fit into the factory spring mount with some ears off of it for the strut to bolt into. I will drill a few holes in the bottom control arm for some bolts to go up into the adapter and hold it in place.

img_1223.jpg img_1224.jpg img_1225.jpg img_1226.jpg
img_1227.jpg img_1228.jpg img_1229.jpg img_1230.jpg
img_1231.jpg img_1232.jpg img_1237.jpg img_1238.jpg