The passenger side frame notch

Last night I started notching the passenger side frame. Things seemed to go a lot smoother and took less time. I was only out there for a little more than 3 hours and got the angle iron welded solid into the frame. This side of the frame was slightly different because there was a gas tank vent tube running through it. I had to remove the tube that was welded in the frame by using a 1 inch drill bit and drilling as close as possible down the center of it as I could. I about ripped off my arm a few times when the drill bit hooked into the metal hard, and the very powerful (and big) drill didn’t want to stop. The inside and outside frames were also not exactly the same on the passenger than the driver’s side. The inside frame seemed to be narrower and there was more of a gap between the two layers. The larger gap made it harder to weld between the two frames, and the narrower inside frame forced me to have to shave about 1/8″ off of the edge of 5″ of the angle iron before welding it in. All in all, I think it turned out fine and it will be just as strong as the other side.