Sense Energy Monitor: Again two more devices found and one in the works.

Two New Devices Detected

Well yet again today, I woke up to two more devices being found, the "Microwave" and "AC 2".

I'm sure the microwave was detected correctly, but the "AC 2" I'm pretty sure is the furnace fan.

Once I go a day or two without a device being recognized, I'll start renaming the ones it has found so the names are accurate.  These edits are suppose to go back to the Sense cloud and help other devices be detected properly for others.

New Device Screenshots

Here are the screenshots for the two devices it found.


Possible Dishwasher Found

You are able to see what devices it thinks it has possibly detected, but waiting to see more on/off cycles before confirming it as that.

You can find this by navigating to "Settings" > "My Home" > "Sense Monitor", then scroll to the bottom of that page.  Mine says it is learning a possible dishwasher.

All Devices Found So Far

Here is a listing of all deivces found so far.

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