Sense Energy Monitor: 3 more devices found. Some devices are no longer detected.

Three new devices found

Its been a short time since the Sense has found a new device.  The last few days it found 3!  Sense labeled the new devices "Motor 1", "Washer", and "Heat 1".

I set on/off notifications for all three and so far the only one I have confirmed is correct is the washer.  While I was at work, I got a notification for the washer, but didn't think my wife was home.  I asked her if she was washing something and she replied that she was, but joked that she can't get away with anything anymore.


The other two devices are evading me.  I've gotten notifications for the Heat 1 at different times, but it only stays on for 15 seconds.  I got the notification once when we were cooking breakfast, but I couldn't determine if it was our electric stove, waffle iron, or something else.

The motor I suspect is another iteration of the HVAC fan.  I received notifications a couple times when the fan was on and it seemed to sync up.  The HVAC fan still detects when it turns on, but not all the time it seems.  I will likely end up merging this Motor 1 with HVAC when I'm sure what it is.  Something about the fan must vary so it doesn't always detect it as the same.


Some devices seem to no longer be detected

It seems that Sense is having troubles telling when my furnace inducer motor and furnace igniter are on now.  I think the dehumidifier is also not always detected since it says it hasn't been on for 9 days, but I caught it on a couple days ago.

This is disappointing.  I probably am more understanding than others and wonder if me modifying the setting on the dehumidifier so it ran less in essence makes it look like a new device since the on/off pattern changed.  This theory doesn't explain the furnace igniter and inducer though unless they just merged them into HVAC automatically.

I will still hold hope that more devices will continue coming.


  1. Daniel Shaw on February 26, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    Mine sense is in the mail. I was curious about settings changes causing the device signiture to change… guess it does. Maybe naming your devices with a prefix/postfix to label stuff that still needs optomized or with the settings that has changed. Example: Dehumitifier (Turbo) Dehimitifier (Normal) ect.

    I could see this as a maintance issue for say a pump or motor that needs lubrication. Fan (Oil Low) vs Fan (Nominal)

    I have a large irrigation pump I plan on using sense to diagnose… since sometimes it gets locked into a cavication state… and I bet you anything the waveform is diffrent for a pump pumping power and a pump just pulling vacume on a wellhead.

  2. Brian on February 26, 2018 at 11:35 pm

    Thanks for the comment Daniel. I agree that your irrigation pump may be seen as a different device in those instances. It may take it quite a while to learn the pump in the cavication state if it doesn’t happen often.

    Since my post it seems that the dehumidifier has been on more and is being noticed as the dehumidifier, so that day may have been a fluke.

    Sense although has determined the difference between my furnace fan running in fan mode and furnace fan while blowing heat. This happened when it lost my inducer motor and igniter, merging them with the furnace blower. I need to make a few more posts.

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