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Partially Finished Battery Rack

Here is some pictures of the partially finished battery rack. I only have 2 motor mounts tacked onto the rack. 2 more motor mounts to go, then I can finish framing the rack in and build the battery hold downs. I also purchased some 4/0 welding cable for the batteries. I will be buying solder…

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Battery Rack

I have most of the battery rack built now. I will have 9 of my Optima D31T on the bottom row as low as I can, then 3 on the top of those towards the firewall. I’ll try to post pictures as soon as possible once I take them. I am using all of the…

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Project update with random thoughts

I received word the other day that my controller is finished being built and is being shipped out. I have also narrowed down who I will be ordering my WarP 9 from and should get that coming soon. Can’t wait to see what a $2,000 controller feels and looks like, and ditto with the $1,700…

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