I bought a car!

Well after looking at quite a few cars, I finally found one that I can’t put my fist through somewhere on the body. Its amazing how the person selling the car can’t see that hole in the floor or over the wheel well when they are telling you that it isn’t rusty.

Anyway, I bought a 1991 Dodge Stealth. I actually haven’t found any rust holes yet, there are a few scrapes that have surface rust started, but that will all get fixed when it is painted. There are some smaller dents around the car, but the largest ones are on the passenger side door and rear quarter. Each has a spot where it was sideswiped by something and pushed in around a quarter inch in an area about 5 inches in diameter. After getting it home, I found out that there is a dead mouse or something in the heater blower motor cage and it has been re-painted sometime in its life. The car is rougher than I would really like, but everything I will be keeping on it is fairly easily salvageable and in much better shape than the other vehicles I have seen for the price range.

I paid $850 for it, which seems a little high to me, but relative to the other cars I have looked at, it is a better deal. It has 156k miles on it and the motor still seems to run fine, but the transmission slips after it warms up.

Here are some pictures of the car.

1991 Dodge Stealth Rear Passengerside1991 Dodge Stealth Rear Passengerside1991 Dodge Stealth Passengerside Door1991 Dodge Stealth Front1991 Dodge Stealth Drivers Side1991 Dodge Stealth Rear1991 Dodge Stealth Passengers Interior1991 Dodge Stealth Rear Hatch1991 Dodge Stealth Passengers Door1991 Dodge Stealth Gauges1991 Dodge Stealth Gauges