Things I perceive as obstacles.

I have been trying to think of things that could give me a hard time, or that could be a safety issue during the project. Below is likely just a partial list of some things that I will need to plan out, purchase, and/or do.

-Decide on a motor (currently thinking FB1-4001 144v DC)
-Decide on a controller (depends on motor, vehicle weight, and desired performance)
-Decide on batteries (currently thinking 12 Optima Yellow tops)
-Create adapter plates/brackets
-Decide on a transmission(currently thinking a modified automatic TH-350 or TH-400, possibly manual)
-Beef up suspension for batteries
-Modify brakes for use without vacuum, or run a vacuum pump. (prefer without vacuum pump, but safety is first if there are no products out there that will allow great breaking without vacuum)
-If the car is a hatch back, create a protective barrier between me and the batteries.
-Decide how to run the high voltage power wires so they will not become a hazard in a collission(I will prefer more protection than just a fuse or circuit breaker)
-Keep the weight distributed evenly to not throw off the handling dynamics.
-Decide on tires to help with efficiency of the car (If the car doesn’t have good tires on it)